MHPA Initiatives

The MHPA is striving to make a serious impact in how building performance verification is implemented and performed throughout the region. To achieve this end, the MHPA is championing the following key initiatives:

Midwest Code Plus

The MHPA believes that building energy codes are best verified by specialized third-party organizations who are trained in building science and performance verification. Encouraging third-party code compliance verification would ensure that homes are more holistically assessed for their compliance, while freeing up municipal building code officials to focus on durability and life safety aspects of the code.

The trend of third-party code compliance verification has already started. With Mandatory building performance testing provisions within several adopted state energy codes , third-party verifiers are already highly involved in this process in several areas throughout the region. However, there is still significant work to be done in promoting this trend.

The first step MHPA is going to make will be to convene a working group of stakeholders who are invested in the role of third-party verification of energy codes. The goal of this group shall be to help identify current obstacles to the development of third-party code verification, and to help advise the industry on opportunities for increasing the consistency and transparency of this process.

Regional Roll Call

The MHPA strives to influence and support the building performance industry throughout the entire region. This is a big task, and requires a lot of communication.

The MHPA will be seeking to forge partnerships with other state-based building performance groups to understand the needs and circumstances in their specific state. Where such a group does not exist, the MHPA will help to foster development of such groups so that all states within the region have equal representation.