Who We Are

The Midwest Home Performance Association (formerly the Illinois Association of Energy Raters since 2004) is a non-profit association of building performance professionals specializing in the construction and verification of high performance buildings throughout the Midwest.

High performance buildings are designed, constructed and tested to significantly reduce energy use, optimize occupant comfort, and enhance the indoor air quality and durability of residential and commercial buildings.

Professional members of the MHPA use an integrative approach to analyze building performance to ensure that homeowners, builders and developers achieve the results that they expect from their building construction and renovation projects. All professional members are certified by national standards and credentialing organizations such as RESNET, BPI or the USGBC.

What We Do

The MHPA is committed to the needs and business interests of its membership. Our Executive Director and Board of Directors have set a course for 2016 and beyond to help establish the MHPA as the leading professional membership association for building performance professionals in the Midwest. Our mission is to engage the needs of building performance professionals, grow the market for their services, as well as to ensure that rules and standards for participation in the industry are clear and effective.

The MHPA is dedicated to delivering educational content of the highest quality to the building performance industry throughout the region. Our MHPA Pro-Grade Webinar series is geared specifically to grow the technical knowledge and capacity of the professionals in our region.Additionally, through our partnership with RESNET and the International Code Council, the MHPA has created the industry's first training on the 2015 IECC and the Energy Rating Index.

A critical facet of our mission is to expand the building performance industry by positively supporting and influencing policy makers and program implementers throughout the Midwest. Through our partnership with organizations like the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), the MHPA is able to ensure that as building codes and programs move to include greater roles for 3rd party testing and verification such policies are made in a manner that achieves their objectives.